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We Excel At Protection

Helping to Save Lives and Property

We are not your traditional fire suppression systems business. We are a strategic partner with life and fire safety services you can trust. Serving New York State.


NYS MBE/DBE  ○  NY/NJ MSDC MBE  ○  City of Syracuse MBE  ○  City of Albany MBE  ○  City of Buffalo MBE

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First For Fire Sprinkler Systems

As a leading independent, licensed fire protection contractor for New York State, with over 10 years of experience in installing fire suppression systems, we understand how paramount it is to protect lives and property.


Warnings provided by heat and smoke detectors are just not enough. You need an efficient fire extinguishing system that can act as a fireman at the ready on your property, 24/7.  

Our Process

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Service

At R.H. Fire, LLC, we start working together with a comprehensive visual and physical inspection of your fire sprinkler system to identify fire suppression issues.

If you require a new fire protection system, R.H. Fire, LLC will speak with you to arrange a walkthrough of your location to assess your needs thoroughly. 

Services & Solutions


Fire Sprinkler System Installation, Repair & Retrofits

R.H. Fire, LLC has a reputation for delivering high-quality, wet, dry, and pre-action sprinkler systems, retrofitting fire sprinklers for existing buildings, and testing and inspecting backflow prevented and sprinkler systems. 

Our experienced, licensed team can help you with all types of fire sprinkler system installations, from consultation to installation. We work with commercial, industrial, residential, and municipal buildings, using our expertise to assess your needs thoroughly, saving you time and money.


The best part about hiring R.H. Fire, LLC for your fire sprinkler installation, repair, and retrofit is that we ensure peace of mind, as you will have a fire protection partner you can depend on.

Fire Sprinkler System Inspection & Maintenance

Regularly inspecting your fire suppression system is critical to keeping your building and its people safe. Four or more per year is ideal and should occur when you add a backflow preventer or water meter, know of a change to your water supply, change the layout, use, or occupancy of your property, or remodel.


Call us, and we can perform drain tests, test flow and tamper switches, and ensure that all values are in their proper positions. As a full-service fire suppression contractor, we can also check your water pressure, lubricating values, and more.

Backflow Preventer Testing & Certification

Backups in your water system can result in a water suppression system with pollutants and parasites. You do not want this to happen. Fires need to be extinguished, but with water free of contaminants. For this reason, we provide comprehensive backflow testing and certification services that keep your fire suppression system clean and in working order.

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